Queen Victoria Building

I work right near the Queen Victoria Building, and the other day I was walking to work quite early in the morning and glanced up and saw just how beautiful it was. That's when I took this photo.
Years ago Thang and I lived in a rather awful little flat just across the road from the QVB. This was in the days before CCTV, Security Guards and general paranoia, and one evening we went with a friend to explore the QVB. We walked up and up, opening little doors fearlessly and scaling ever smaller steps. Nobody attempted to stop us (oh, the innocence of those days!) and eventually we pulled open a door only to discover that we were on the roof of the building. It was early evening, and being up there among the cupolas and statues was quite surreal - one of those magical events which would be impossible to ever re-create.
Years later I worked for a while in a ditzy little gift shop on the top floor of the QVB (I was helping out a friend who owned the store). It was situated right next to that ghastly novelty clock, and day after day, hour after hour I was subjected to the tinny music and melancholy whirring of that clock and its frightening little dances and dioramas.


Anonymous said…
This photo is fabulous. It looks beautiful there.

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