Marcia Hines

Long before Australian Idol, the gorgeous Marcia Hines was an Australian disco mega-star, and people probably forget just how influential she was. Marcia single-handedly introduced 70s disco-glamour to Australia, and was surely this country's first African-American pop star? Marcia was ubiquitous, and churned out a string of dance hits that still sound brilliant. She even had her own TV show for a while. IN the 80s her star sank somewhat, and Marcia became something of a fixture on the Sydney Gay scene. When I was a young and beautiful party-boy in the early 90s I could be almost guaranteed of catching sight of Marcia early in the morning at some big Gay dance party or trendy night spot. She was much plumper by then, but still possessed of the exquisite skin and ethereal beauty that makes her look decades younger. She really is a breathtakingly beautiful woman in the flesh.
The Gay community never really forgot Marcia, and over the years she has given so much back to the community with charity work and vocal support for equal rights. Now that she is once again an A List celebrity she has grown more sedate in her ways, marrying a wealthy doctor and moving to Newcastle. She's not quite the party girl she used to be, but neither am I.
I still love her - I know people lampoon her, but I love her energy and kindness on Idol - she is a shining example to all the young people watching that show. And I just adore her recent CDs - 2006's Discotheque and last years amazing Life, an album she described as a work of self-help.
We love you Marcia - keep up the good work!


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