Dongmen Shopping Street

Sorry to have been so neglectful - I know I promised to keep you updated on my travels, but it would seem that the internet cafe is a creature of the past. I shall just have to bite the bullet in future and pack a laptop to take advantage of the WiFi that is on offer everywhere. Anyway, it was kinda nice spending two weeks away from the computer and actually living life for a change.
Here is a pic of me lost in Dongmen. Dongmen Pedestrian Street is an insane shopping precinct in Shenzhen, and it was so much fun that we went back there again and again. Filled with markets and department stores and tattoo parlours and desperate provincials trying to sell really bizarre crap on the streetside before a security guard or policeman catches them. It has the kind of energy I love. We ate impossibly hot sichuan noodles, and I spent the best part of an afternoon following the fortunes of a sunburnt Northern peasant trying to sell a puppy illegally outside a posh department store. He'd leave it on the sidewalk, apparently abandoned, and when a crowd gathered around it and some teenage girl was foolish enough to pick it up he'd storm into the crowd demanding payment. It wasn't a particularly successful sales ploy, and even he started to lose heart as the day wore on. The last time I saw him the little white puppy was tucked under his jacket while he squatted on his haunches outside a Haagen Dazs outlet, smoking a cigarette and attempting to feed his little charge a boiled cabbage leaf...


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