Aura Soma

Now, I'm a dreadful cynic. I can be scathing about all kinds of things that aren't scientifically proven. And yet, when it comes to alternative therapies, I feel duty-bound to honour things that actually work. I have had amazing experiences, for example, with Bach Flower Remedies and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Alternatively, I find that most homeopathics and all forms of herbalism (eastern and western) to be a complete waste of time and money. And I did used to visit the most wonderful naturopath, but I quickly realised that any benefit from my time spent with her was purely psychological - she was extraordinarily gifted at listening and empathising, and she would stroke my arm if I cried and agree with me that I'd been treated horribly.
But I LOVE Aura Soma! This was a therapy made for me. I am incredibly reactive to colours and smells (I know, a cliche), and to have the two combined is guaranteed to send me into seventh heaven. I was first introduced to them by my dear friend and teacher, Maggie Hamilton. Maggie has the wonderful habit of dabbing a little Aura Soma on everyone's wrist before she begins a talk or workshop, and it really does create the most wonderful atmosphere.
So, I have my deep blue bottle of Aura Soma next to my bed, and Thang and I are addicted to the Pink Pomander, which is meant to energise and spiritualise one's day.
I also know the most incredible Aura Soma reader called Pearl Cavender-Cole. This is one remarkable lady - equal parts Earth Mother, Angel and Bodhisattva, just being in her presence is enough to make you feel good.
Do give Aura Soma a whizz. The bottles are a little expensive, but they last for ages, and are so damned pretty to have around!


Anonymous said…
I will definitely try Aura Soma. It seems to be right up my alley! Thanks

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