Nostalgia #2

Here is a pic of my dear friend Thay Quang Thuc in front of a statue of Kwan Yin at Giac Uyen Temple in Phu Nhuan, Saigon. This pic was taken over 10 years ago, but strangely enough Quang Thuc has come back into my life. He is in Australia at the moment on a holiday, staying at the little Buddhist temple just up the road from me. We are exactly the same age, and many years ago we were great pals. He was a student at Van Hanh Buddhist University, and was so kind to me, taking me all around Saigon on the back of his Honda. Now I have had the opportunity to repay some of that kindness, taking him around some of the Buddhist sights in Sydney - isn't it odd how things turn out - we never know when someone from our past will reappear.
Which is why it pays to be kind to everyone, I guess.
Here is Quang Thuc now - this video was taken just a couple of weeks ago.


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