Feargal Sharkey

Ever sit back and wonder about 80s pop stars and how they ever made it? The competition seems so much tougher now - pop stars have to be infinitely more beautiful and polished and thin even to get a look in. Howard Jones could never make it now, nor Rick Astley. Just too damned plain and dull. And Feargal Sharkey! What place is there in 21st Century popular music for a skeletal Irishman with a lank bob and a peculiar line in white soul.
I loved Feargal back in the day. In spite of his now rather obvious plain-ness (when one looks back on previous crushes one is frequently surprised about how humble their appearance actually was!) I thought him incredibly beautiful - I've always had a thing for razor-like cheekbones and prominent jaw-lines, things I just don't possess.
And let's face it, he WAS talented - when I think of all those long, dull summer days listening to A Good Heart....It was almost perfect pop.


Anonymous said…
Where are the Indo-Chinese entries? We've been waiting impatiently for your South-East Asian dispatches.

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