We are celebrating Christmas day at our place tomorrow, so that means lots of people coming around. Now, the place is already quite tidy - we have a wonderful cleaning lady who sees to that. But I wanted to ensure that it was as dust-free as possible, and so I launched a major offensive on my enormous collection of religious kitsch.
I prefer to call it my collection of 20th Century popular art, and am convinced that some day the whole thing will be worth a fortune, but my partner has other names for it. I think of them as bibelots, objets d'arts, and just seeing them makes me happy - they remind me of my travels around the world and of my particular enthusiasms at certain stages in my life.
But they DO take up a lot of space and they DO attract dust.
So today I began taking every piece off the shelves, washing it in warm soapy water and wiping down the shelves themselves. Each object was then put on a table to dry before I set about re-arranging my displays according to themes. I now have a Buddhist shelf, a Hindu shelf, a Christian shelf and a little section devoted to images of monks....
Am I starting to sound obsessive compulsive?
Here is a pic of only part of my collection, drying out and awaiting a new display...


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