Our Lady of Walsingham

You know of my special devotion to the Virgin Mary, and in recent days, for one reason or another, the Virgin has appeared in my life again and again. I heard from a friend about an amazing new book being published next year that will set out the path of Marian devotion for the non-Catholic. And then for some reason everyone at work started talking about the BVM. Finally, the Archbishop of Canterbury came out with his now infamous statement about the necessity - or otherwise - of believing in the Virgin Birth.
Having been brought up a protestant I was never really exposed to Marian devotion, but for some reason from the very earliest age I have been fascinated by her and felt a strong attachment to her. I call it karmic. Now, for those protestants who may feel a little uneasy about praying to the Virgin, there is a perfect solution in the presence of Our Lady of Walsingham. Walsingham is an Anglican shrine to Mary, replete with miracles, pilgrims and apparitions. It is my greatest wish to go there one day. Until then, I have to make do with a quaint little shrine to Our Lady of Walsingham (pictured) discretely hidden away in a corner of Christchurch St. Laurence.
Oh, and to cap off my week filled with the Virgin Mary, I went to have morning tea with my Mum at the gorgeous little cafe at St. Patrick's, Church Hill. There I had a ham sandwich and came away with a little icon of Mary and a lovely bottle of Fatima water, which protects me even now.


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