The Numa Numa Song

While I was in Vietnam (this time last year) the Numa Numa song was at the very height of its popularity - one could hear it blaring out of every clothing store and hairdressing salon from District 1 to Binh Chanh. They even played a hotted-up heavy bass version of it at Disco Ben Thanh. A friend of mine came to stay and within days was dreaming about the Numa Numa song, so deeply had this tricky and incomprehensible ditty entered his psyche.
A brief perusal of Youtube shows that the Numa Numa song has now taken over the world, and you can see and hear myriad different versions of it. I was delighted to discover that there is now a Vietnamese version, and it translates particularly well into Viet (let's face it, the original made no sense). And the guy singing it is just a hoot!!


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