Fortune Telling

Now, I know that all rationalists and even most fervent religionists condemn fortune telling, and truth be told I am an enormous cynic. That said, I can almost never resist casting my oracle when I go to a Chinese temple. There is a big Chinese temple right near our house, with several shrines set up with oracle sticks. When I'm about to start something new, or thinking of starting something new, I always go there to see what message the universe has for me. Here is a pic of me last weekend with my little cousin casting our fortunes at the Guan Di shrine. I got a good one - number 88. I find it useful to reflect on my message for a few weeks, to look at it daily and see if I might be able to really apply it to my life and help me to work on changing things for the better. The oracle messages are practical, poetic and often a little cryptic - but they ALWAYS say "settle arguments with your family" and "don't go to court" - sensible messages on any occasion, I should think.


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