Hong Kong

Thang and I are going to Macau/Shenzhen/Hong Kong in January for a well-deserved break before 2008 starts being truly crazy. I fell in love with Macau and Hong Kong while on a brief visit earlier this year, and was determined to go back and explore them more fully.
I love everything about them. I love Macau's sleepy and truly unique mix of sleaze and mysticism, Europe and Asia. I just love to stroll around the Old City eating Portuguese tarts and visiting temples and churches - I could do it all day, and will for a week in January! And there is Hong Kong - what a wonderful, crazy place. I love its food and its kooky temples and its beautiful people and its crowds during the evening. Like other great Asian cities (Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City), I don't think you could ever truly exhaust Hong Kong's possibilities. Hong Kong is exactly like its movies, which I think is a good thing.


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