Broaden your mind in 2017: go to an author talk

I am always banging on about how people should go to lectures, talks and events. Such things represent incredible value for money (indeed, they are often free) and they help build up a dynamic society that cherishes its own culture and creates a space for the development of all kinds of new voices.

I was excited to hear that a very old friend, a dear teacher from my youth and, once, my own very patient and generous landlord Neil McDonald is about to launch a new book and is talking about it at the State Library of NSW. And yes, it's free!

So log on now and BOOK YOUR SPOT.

Neil is one of Australia's living treasures, an expert on film, the development of photography in Australia, and especially where those two disciplines meet military history. This new book is about Chester Wilmot, and Neil knows more about him than anyone else alive. I remember Neil talking about Wilmot and researching him back in 1989! So this book is the result of a lifetime's work. You can imagine how fascinating his talk will be.

Australian historian Neil McDonald (photo by David Brill)



  •  FREE


Metcalfe Auditorium, Ground Floor

Valiant for Truth: The Life of Chester Wilmot, War Correspondent

Reginald William Winchester (Chester) Wilmot (1911–1954) was a renowned Australian war correspondent, broadcaster, journalist and writer. From the first triumphant North African battles of Bardia, Tobruk and Derna, to the heartbreaking disaster of the Greek Campaign, the epic struggle along the famed Kokoda Track, the momentous amphibious invasion at Normandy, and the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany, his voice stood above all others during BBC and ABC broadcasts throughout the Second World War.
Join bestselling author Neil McDonald as he talks about Valiant for Truth: The Life of Chester Wilmot, War Correspondent the first full biography of this enigmatic man.

This is a free event, but it is essential that you book.
State Library free events are usually very popular, so I suggest you put this date in your diary and book your spot NOW.


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