Vietnam Journey with Walter Mason in 2015

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Vietnam: Four Cities Journey

with Walter Mason

Mon 23 February - Fri 3 March 2015

Four influential Vietnamese cities provide the central focus of this tour. But visitors to Viet Nam are impressed by the beauty of the country’s natural setting, so our schedule is punctuated with interesting regional stays. The result is a journey providing a good overview of the real Vietnam with its unique and rich civilisation, highly cultured people, delicious food and hauntingly beautiful mountains, plains and coastlines.

Our tour begins in Hanoi, the national capital with romantic and well‐preserved artefacts of the French, and regarded by many as one of Asia's most attractive cities. Nearby we visit Ha Long Bay, famous for its UNESCO World Heritage status, with its emerald green water and over 3000 islands of towering limestone.
We fly to Hue, once Vietnam's Imperial City and later the country's capital under the Nguyen dynasty (1802‐1945).
Over the Hai Van Pass to Hoi An is next, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, and a visit to this old world gem is a highlight of any Vietnam tour.
Dalat follows, known as ‘Le Petit Paris’ by the early builders and residents of this Central Highlands resort town.
Onward by coach to the exuberant, brash, optimistic Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).
Mekong Delta experiences follow in its largest centre of Can Tho before our tour conclusion in Chau Doc, a bustling trade and transport hub on the Cambodia border ‐ yet also a lazy, riverside town, a throwback to another time.

Vietnam today is a country with a diverse range of landscapes, cultures and ethnic groups, contained within its uniquely long and thin geography. Our WEA Sydney tour explores this vibrant, complex and welcoming country within the context of its rich imperial, colonial and recent history.

Please consider joining us on WEA Vietnam: Four Cities Journey

P R O G R A M  L E A D E R

Writer, blogger and creative writing teacher Walter Mason has designed and brings personal and professional insights to a journey based on his WEA Sydney Viet Nam: Four Cities lecture series.
Fluent in Vietnamese, Walter studied at the Ho Chi Minh Social Sciences University and has spent part of every year in Viet Nam for over two decades. A former bookseller, Walter is a popular figure on the Sydney speaking circuit. His knowledge of Vietnam and wicked sense of humour feature in his book Destination Saigon, born of his love for the country and the people of Vietnam, from the bustling cities to out‐of‐the‐way villages.
Walter looks forward to travelling with you and sharing his passion and enthusiasm for Vietnam.

See more details of Walter Mason's 2015 tour to Vietnam, and get the full itinerary.


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