Living With Joy Workshop with Walter Mason

This workshop is now over.
If you would like to invite me to run this same workshop at your venue or for your group, please contact me.  

I am a pretty jolly guy, there's no denying it.
And I am not just talking about my figure, which seems to suggest jolliness across all cultures. I like to smile, I like to laugh and I like to make other people feel good.
But guess what? I don't always feel like this. Some days it's a struggle to drag myself from my bed and be determined to be a ray of sunshine in everyone's day. My partner will readily tell you that I can be a miserable old coot who frets, complains and even - gasp - criticises.
The difference is I don't want those things to define me. When I am in my deathbed I want to be able to lie back and say: "You know what? On balance I had a pretty good time, and I think more people liked me than hated me."
To live a life like this takes work, conscious effort and a little bit of strategy.
The Swedenborg Association in North Ryde have asked me to come along and share some of my secrets and techniques with them in August. This workshop runs for a Saturday morning, is ridiculously cheap, and will be enormous fun (I hope). I would love to invite you all along so that we can gather together and increase the quotient of joy in this world.
Here are the details:

Swedenborg Centre, 1 Avon Road, North Ryde
August - Saturday 10th

Living with Joy workshop. (9:30am - 1pm)

Cost: $5

Do you wake up each morning with a sense of excitement about the coming day? Have you ever been criticised for smiling and laughing too much? Are you constantly conscious of all the truly remarkable things that occur in your life? Do you feel blessed? 

Joy is a quality that has been praised by all of the world’s religions, and in this fun-filled workshop author Walter Mason will help us to cultivate lives filled with more joy and wonder. Journalling, meditating, blessing and listening – these and many more methods will be discussed and experienced. Be more conscious about creating a wonderful life, and more serious about being a source of happiness and love for all of the people you encounter.

Come and learn to live with joy!


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