Bossa Gaga

When I got back from Bangkok this week I mentioned casually on Twitter that I had purchased there a CD of Lady Gaga songs rendered as Bossa Nova tunes, and it caused a mini-sensation.
People wanted to  know where I got it, where they could get it, and just exactly how fabulous it was.
I can report that it's thoroughly fabulous - everything you could want from a CD of Bossa Nova renditions of Lady Gaga's greatest hits.
It seems to have been produced in Thailand, and is unavailable elsewhere - I haven't been able to find it anywhere on-line.
Not So! Latest news from an informant is that it is, in fact, originally from Japan. It is by the singer Lica, and is  out on Universal as cat#UCCU-1344 !
So if you are headed to Bangkok in the forseeable future, you can grab yourself a copy of Bossa Gaga at Mangpong, Central World Plaza (Get out at Siam BTS Station and it's about a 5 minute walk across the overpass. While you are there, check out the shrine to Ganesh in front of Central World Plaza and the nearby Erawan Shrine).


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