Annie Lennox

I'm a big fan of Annie Lennox.
I've loved her since back in the day, but really became a solid fan around 1987 when The Eurythmics released I Love to Listen to Beethoven. I was something of a theatrical back then, and in my humble opinion what Annie was doing had gone beyond being a mere pop star and had moved into the realm of performance art, putting her up there with such legends as Kate Bush and Marianne Faithfull.

I saw The Eurythmics perform when they visited Sydney on 1989, and they were simply brilliant. Even better, the friend I went with came clubbing with me afterward, and as we were strolling the streets of Sydney we found ourselves crossing the streets with Annie and her entourage, late in the night. She smiled at me, and I nodded coolly. Never accuse me of being an autograph hound. Whenever faced with a celebrity my policy has always been to pretend I don't recognise them. Only twice have I ever broken this rule and confessed my undying devotion - once with Maggie Tabberer and once with Lorrae Desmond. But who wouldn't dissolve in the presence of those two empresses of Australian celebrity?

I love the way Annie wears her heart on her sleeve, and all of her songs seem to be detailing a sad and squalid lifetime of romantic disappointment and increasing bitterness. I just wanna give Annie a great big bear hug and say "Come on honey, it can't all be that bad..."


magikquilter said...

Maggie lives near us and shops in our local shopping centre so we all go around pretending she is the same as everyone else ...but the white outfits are getting a bit ...well...old.She would look better at this stage of her life in colour. It is hard to ignore people when they have an outfit or costume which is so stark.

I love Annie too as does my son and she has a great website/blog [from a magazine I think] which gives an insight into her life. She wa s so thrilled recently to see her child get into a college of music. Seemed so strange that she would worry that they would not get in!!

Eurythmics fan said...

Annie Lennox was amazing with Eurythmics and still is amazing on her own, that she's getting the appreciation she deserves for the SING campaign.

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