Getting it all in order

This, gentle readers, is a glimpse of what it is like to be inside my head.
I have just thrown open the door to my study closet and shown just exactly what I have to live with.
I am doing my Honours degree this year, and it requires some real organisation, and I need to be able to get my fingers on whatever I need exactly when I need it.
I live in a very small house, so need to re-configure my study so that I'm not existing in constant chaos all of the time.
Bit Lord, it's hard! I mean, it seems as though I am really just shifting all of the stuff to another position. And please don't tell me I have a problem with clutter! To get started in streamlining my work area I have to get past an enormous pile of books and articles on how to clear your clutter. Let me tell you, I'm an expert on the subject!
No wonder my head frequently hurts...


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