Ho Hum, I have blogged about this so many times before, but I'm coming on for my third week of almost constant headache, and it really gets me down at times like this. I realise that it's linked to the end of uni, and the considerable stress I feel at this point in the semester. Let's face it, almost every student I know is facing some kind of physical meltdown in the face of major essays and exams. Mine just happens to be a continual, life-deadening headache that is so bad by this time in the evening that I really do begin to despair.
Each day I take around half a dozen Nurofen and apply lavender oil liberally to my neck and head. Once I get home it is hot and cold compresses, glasses of water, furious walks and then, finally, 6 - 8 Codeine which gradually numb me until I collapse into bed, my head still pounding somewhere in my distant unconscious. And then start all over the next day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

I don't know if you'll read this comment, given that I am responding to one of your older blogs, but after having read your lament about headaches, I can only urge you to go - or rather run - to your nearest medical centre and find blessed relief in the form of Imigran, or the somewhat cheaper Sumatab. Both are brand name variants of sumatriptan, the only pharmaceutical that has given me relief from cranial agony over the past few years.

By the way, I like your photos. Do you take them on your phone?

Your co-morbid sufferer,


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